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FLA August Newsletter 2017Back To School And New Beginnings

FLA June Newsletter 2017Reach For The Sky!

FLA May Newsletter 2017A Focus on Girls…

FLA February Newsletter 2017From Disadvantage to Advantage…

FLA January Newsletter 2017Will You Be Our Valentine?

FLA Newsletter Happy Birthday EditionHappy New Year and Happy Birthday to Us!!!

FLA November Newsletter 2016 What are you doing this Christmas?

FLA October Newsletter 2016We’re Having A Party!!!

FLA September Newsletter 2016Happy Independence Day, Nigerians!

FLA August Newsletter 2016It’s Back to School Again!

FLA July Newsletter 2016School’s Out For Summer!

FLA June Newsletter 2016Thinking outside the box

FLA May Newsletter 2016Children’s Day Everyday!

FLA April Newsletter 2016Still Touching Lives!

FLA March Newsletter 2016A Valentine Special!

FLA February Newsletter 2016Love is in the air!

FLA January Newsletter 2016 – Happy New Year!

FLA Nov/Dec Newsletter 2015Dreams Can Come True!

FLA October Newsletter 2015Anything is Possible!

FLA August Newsletter 2015The Time Of Their Lives

FLA July Newsletter 2015Summer is Here Again

FLA June Newsletter 2015Diamond in the rough

FLA May Newsletter 2015We Are The World

FLA April Newsletter 2015Seeing is Believing…

FLA March Newsletter 2015 – Easter Unwrapped

FLA February Newsletter 2015A Unique Valentine’s Gift

FLA January Newsletter 2015 – Four Years and Going Strong!

FLA December Newsletter 2014 – Happy New Year!

FLA November Newsletter 2014A Merry Christmas For Everyone!

FLA October Newsletter 2014 – Against The Odds!

FLA September Newsletter 2014Building The Nigerian Future…

FLA July/August Newsletter 2014

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FLA May Newsletter 2014

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FLA March Newsletter 2014

FLA February Newsletter 2014

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