Preparing For School

Our boys are going to school!  They are so excited to be given another chance at education.  All of their stories on how they ended up on the streets are different, but most of them will tell you that they want to go to school.  Sometimes, their guardians couldn’t, or may have simply refused to, send them to school.  Others may have left home for other reasons, the most common of which is family breakdown, when parents separate and re-marry, and children are rejected or moved about from one relative or another because mommy has a new husband or daddy has a new wife.  It is really quite sad.

Packing for school
Getting the boys packed for school

At our monthly birthday party, Ufuoma (Fair Life Africa’s CEO), used the opportunity to surprise the boys with their school bags, packed with all their school supplies.  Ifeoma (social worker) and Ayo (support worker) have also been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the boys are enrolled in school for the coming term.  Our pilot programme was only three months long, and ran in the Spring term, so our boys couldn’t go to school.  However, in the new revised programme, the boys will be supported for longer, so they are all encouraged to go to school.  However, those who have never been to school before, or have missed school for many years and have a passion for a vocational trade instead, will be enabled to receive training locally.  They have the options of Carpentry, Mechanic, Tailoring or Craft-Making.  For the boys doing vocational training, we also provide Home Schooling on Wednesdays and Fridays, so that they can learn literacy and arithmetic, and other basic subjects too.

If you are skillful or learned in any of these and would like to teach our boys, please get in touch.  Thank you.


  1. tessa says:

    This is awesome.
    I may not be able to attend any of your parties in October but i can raise awareness and get you publicity and reach more people, some of whom will be willing to be a big brother or sister to these boys and give them much needed cash to continue their education.
    Keep it up


    1. Thanks Tessa for your encouraging comment! Please do help us get more awareness about our work, so we can do it better. Would you like us to receive the newsletter? You can subscribe through the link on the sidebar. God bless you.


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