Yemi and Friends Visit

Friends with big hearts
We all had a wonderful day! Thanks for coming.

On the 8th of September, Yemi Adedeji, Aima and Emi Ohiwerei, Victor Aboh and Olutayo Adeyinka visited the Home of Fair Life Africa on a special mission – to revamp its garden!  They came armed with a gardener, some tools and lots of cheerfulness!  The potentially burdensome task was turned into a thing of play, as the children joined along to help them pull up the weeds, trim the bushes and plant some new baby plants in the place of some old dying ones.  Everyone joined in the activity and we all had a great time.

New plants for planting
The boys join in the planting
We enjoyed playing games afterwards
Tayo teaches the boys a new game

Afterwards, while we waited for a scrumptious lunch, we played some football and outdoor games.  We later went in and entertained ourselves, with a guitar donated by one of our friends, Jide Olaniyan.  Tayo was good with it, and Yemi can sing, so they entertained the boys, and Ufuoma danced too!  Then lunch came; jollof rice and turkey with coleslaw (yum!).  Our friends were impressed and complimented the cook.  It was a full day.  Folake and Toyin Okayo also stopped by to visit and encourage us.  All our friends were shown around and we explained the programme to them.  They all said they’d love to be involved in one way or the other, and encouraged us to keep up the good work.

Fair Life Africa Foundation appreciates them for making the time to come and show us a little kindness.  Our garden is brand new 🙂

After a day's good work
Hi-fives all around after a good day!