Kanyin and Her Awesome Friends

The Celebrant
Happy Birthday Kanyin!

For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow…and so say all of us!!

There’s no better way to introduce Kanyin than to break out in song!  By a simple act of kindness, she brought joy to a humble bunch of kids.  We are truly grateful that she came into our lives, and she has made a wonderful impact!

On the 8th of November, Kanyin Belo turned 26, and decided that she wanted to do more than the usual.  She could have done so many things with her time, with her money, and with her friends.  But she invested them rather in twelve kids she didn’t even know!

She enlisted her friends (Dade Adio-Moses, Alero Alakija, Toyin Alakija, Monique Alofoje, Ibukun Jegede, Ajala Agaba and Tolulope Roberts) to come along with her on Sunday 11th of November to come and give back to those less privileged than themselves.  And when they came to share, they came to SHARE!!  They did not hold back, as they brought many different provisions for the Home that the children need.  These included toiletries, packs of toilet roll, cartons of Indomie noodles, beverages, soft drinks, treats and many more.

They came and unloaded their provisions, and they were shown around the Home.  Then the boys, all dressed in white shirts and canvases, lined up to welcome them, and introduced themselves to their visitors.  After all the introductions (the staff and visitors were also introduced), Ufuoma gave a short synopsis of what Fair Life Africa is about and the Care Continuity Challenge Initiative.

Dancing competition
Battle on the dance floor!

Then the party started!  They danced and danced, doing dance offs and musical chairs too.   Kanyin gave out prizes to the winners of the competitions.  It was not easy, because she didn’t hold back her moves either and battled on the dance floor with several of the boys.  There were two groups of dancers competing against themselves and, what would you know, Kanyin and her boys won the day!  Later on, they all gathered around the lovely vanilla cake and sang to the beautiful celebrant.

In addition, Kanyin and her friends also gave financial contributions to the work.  We were all so deeply touched, and expressed our gratitude to them all.  Fair Life Africa Foundation wishes Kanyin many more wonderful years, and pray that she will be abundantly blessed as she has cheerfully given.  To her seven friends who came to support her and share with us too, we say a HUGE thank you, and wish you every good thing life has to offer!  Please come and visit us again, and get to know more about those you have invested in through your simple act of charity.

Thanks, Kanyin!
What marvelous provision!