Ola’s Birthday Surprise!

A new friend, Eng. Ola Adetula, who came with Toyin Eribake to celebrate his 30th birthday, decided to mark his birthday with us too.  He surprised the FLA Kids by purchasing DSTV for the Home!!!  It was like an answer to their prayers, as they have been getting by with DVDs.  It was a truly excellent gift, which all the staff also appreciate.

Ola celebrated his birthday on the 26th, but couldn’t make the monthly birthday party.  He spent the day trying to get his gift together to bring to the Home.  His beautiful wife, Bisoye, was also hard at work baking cupcakes for all the boys and staff, which they wanted to bring with them.  They came with their baby, Isabella, and friend, Kenneth, on the 27th, and brought two dozen homemade cupcakes to share!

Happy Birthday Ola!
The Adetulas and FLA Kids

It was a pleasant afternoon, and they engaged the boys in banter and discussed new ways to help out.  They invited six of our best behaved boys (to be decided) to go and spend a Sunday with them at their home for more good times in February!  The boys were thrilled and motivated to be on their best behaviour, so that they can be counted among the six.  Before they left, Ola counselled the boys seriously, and Bisoye also spoke to them about not fighting, as three of them were being punished for fighting that day, and couldn’t participate in the fun.

We are so encouraged by this visit, and by the thoughtfulness of our friends.  Fair Life Africa Foundation wishes Ola many more years and amazing favour in everything that he does.  We wish his family prosperity, love and continual joy.  Happy Birthday Month Ola!!!

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    Nice work you have going at the foundation.


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