FLA Kids Mentoring and Befriending Consultation

Many of you have been seeking to know how you can get more involved in the practical aspects of our work at Fair Life Africa.  We have had continuous interest from people and organisations who would love to provide mentorship to our boys and volunteer in other ways.   Thanks so much for your interest and willingness to support.

We would like to invite you all to attend this first ever FLA Kids Mentoring and Befriending Consultation, which we will be holding at the FLA Respite Home, off Maiyegun Beach Rd, Lekki this Saturday, the 30th of November.   The programme will commence at 12 noon to conclude by 4pm.

This consultation is our attempt to receive the diverse contributions, and bring all interested parties together to decide on one strategy that will be embedded in our existing rehabilitation programme going forward.  Our aims are to:

  1. To find mentors for boys who have been on the streets
  2. To link each child with a friend they can talk to
  3. To engage the public in the rehabilitation of street children
  4. To maximise the support available to – and the potential of – the child

We are calling all potential volunteers, tutors, trainers and mentors to save this date and attend.  Your thoughts and perspective will be much appreciated, as we develop our revised strategy going forward, to offer more opportunities and support to children who have been on the streets.

Please let us know more about you before the day by completing our Introduction Form, and let us know why your involvement and contribution would be vital to our work.  Directions will be sent out on the 28th to those who have confirmed interest by RSVP.  Thank you!