Second Chance GGUK Bonus Week!

Hey, don’t you just love second chances?!  We thought it was over and done with after the Feb 12 Bonus Day came and went…  But GlobalGiving UK have offered us another great opportunity!

If you’re a cheerful giver, you’ll love this great chance for you to MULTIPLY your impact!

GlobalGiving UK is hosting a whole Bonus Week from March 3rd to 10th 2014!  From day one, they promise to match every donation made via our ONLINE Project Page by 50% until the allotted funds for the promotion runs out – a generous £5,000!

This is how it works…  Ordinarily you might give a donation of £10, and that would be it.  But if you make your donation between March 3rd and 10th  (while matching funds remain!), your donation of £10 is instantly supplemented to make £15!  If you are feeling really generous and want to give, say, £1000, this will be supplemented to £1500!  For every individual donation, they are ready to match up to £600!  Now that is a really GREAT incentive to give!

Your donation, big or small, will really make the difference to transform the life of a child, and their family, as you support us to rescue more children from the street!  Do also WATCH our promotional video to learn what happens with your donations:

Please please, SPREAD THE WORD: tell your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours!  The more donations we receive, the greater the BONUS raised!  Plus we stand a chance to win additional bonuses if we raise the most towards our project (£1000 reward) or have the greatest number of individual donors (£500 reward)!  Simply asking your friend to donate as well could make the difference.  Can we count on your support?

Don’t wait until Monday the 3rd of March to start spreading the word!  Please help us get it out there now.  Reblog, tweet and share this post with your networks…  Send it as an email to a friend or family member.  Call someone up and tell them about what Fair Life Africa is doing!  And REMEMBER:

BE THE FIRST TO DONATE once the clock starts at 12am GMT/1am WAT (Monday 3rd, Morning)!  Matching ends at midnight GMT on the 10th or when the allotted £5,000 runs out!

We can’t do it without you!  Do send us an email if you want to know more about our work and where the funds will go.  Thank you for reading and sharing and CARING!  God bless you.

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