What is the value of a diamond?

We’re in the business of tranforming ordinary diamonds to living diamonds! A timely word for our generation by our Chief Executive Officer, Ufuoma E-Ashogbon.

Grace and Truth

I am no economist, nor accountant.  I can’t claim business experience.  However, as a social entrepreneur and thinker in my time, I dare to submit an opinion.

What’s in a diamond?  Everyone seems to want one.  A really big one, if possible.  They don’t want to eat it, they may not even want to wear it, but they must have it!  What is so valuable in a diamond?  Who determines the value?

I actually think the whole thing is a sham.  A diamond to me is just a piece of glass.  A rare and strong piece, but glass nonetheless.  I believe the necessities and luxuries diamonds can afford those who have them, according to market economics, are far more valuable than the ‘treasure’ itself.

A diamond isn’t worth anything until it is being used to sustain or bless a life.  The same as money.  If it’s hanging on your neck…

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