A Children’s Day To Remember At Dreamworld Africana Theme Park

“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be…”

These words of the popular Whitney Houston song just explains what Fair Life Africa Foundation aims to do with all its activities in the Disadvantage To Advantage Initiative.  We believe every child is special and deserves a special celebration.  The support we give is beyond just settling their school bills.  We hope to provide, as much as is in our power, a total experience of what it feels like having the beautiful childhood every child dreams of.

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One way we do this is by making an effort to give them opportunities for fun and recreation, as well as empowerment.  We used the opportunity of Children’s Day to take the FLA Kids and their siblings to the famous Inspiration Fm Children’s Carnival at The Dreamworld Africana Theme Park, Lagos.

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On receiving the news of the outing scheduled for the 27th of May, the children were very excited in anticipation of a great day out.  Very early in the morning, our hard working field officers went all the way to Ajegunle, where six of our children reside with their families, to pick them up with a hired bus to the fun venue.  Other children made their way to our office in Lekki to get the bus to the Theme Park, where we met even more children who lived in the area, bringing the total to 40 kids.  Despite the rains, the children and some of our sponsors and volunteers were all early at the venue ready to have a great time.  Thankfully, they were sunny showers and the day soon brightened up!

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The children totally enjoyed themselves; riding on roller-coasters, swinging and dancing, meeting new people, seeing popular artistes perform, eating the very tasty sandwiches specially prepared by Mrs Ashogbon and having enough snacks, fruit and drinks too.  Naomi and Ijay were united again, and took an even better picture in their FLA Tshirts!!!  This time, Ijay brought her friend, Uche, who was also celebrating her birthday and decided she would spend it with her newly sponsored child – Emmanuella.  It was their first meeting, and just like Ijay and Naomi, their sisterly likeness was uncanny!

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Ijay and Naomi…together again!
Uche and Emmanuella meet at last! Happy Birthday Uche!

Before we left, we distributed 27 gifts to the kids, courtesy of Dreamworld Africana, who donated packs of LEGO Games.  It was truly a day to remember for the kids who said it was their best Children’s Day experience yet.  They were not deterred by the long queues for the rides and roller-coasters, but relished the whole experience of hanging out together as friends and being part of the growing FLA Family!!!  Many thanks to our gracious Sponsors and Friends Ijay, Uche, Tarrah and Emeka, who were there with us through the sunny and rainy parts of the day and contributed to the children’s fun day.

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