If Only Everyday Was…


If only everyday was…fill in the gap!  Whatever day is being marked, I think many of us wonder, why can’t everyday be so special, and why can’t we be made to feel special everyday?  Yes, it’s nice to have a day that people remember you as a child, mother, father, special friend (birthdays), woman, or remember that there are people living with mental and physical health challenges like the one you or someone close to you may suffer from everyday and do something each day to show that they care.

It seems as though everyday is “something” day.  The Calendar is cluttered, but does it add or take away from each celebration?  I don’t know.  But today is Children’s Day.  Yippee!!!  I personally think, just like when your birthday comes around each year, the children don’t really care that it is just one day – because today, it’s all about them.  They are happy to be celebrated, and we should make every effort to brighten this their special day.

Today, many people will visit orphanages as they remember that there are less fortunate children there.  Many schools will do special programmes for their children to brighten their day.  And many of us will send out nice messages saying how much we value children, and how they are the leaders of tomorrow, and how we ought to make the world a better place for them.

When tomorrow comes will we still care?  Will we still feel like visiting that orphanage or making that donation, when there isn’t a consensus on what we are to focus our efforts on?  Is charity really in our hearts, or is this just about trends, and being relevant?  Do our children know everyday that they are special and have an amazing contribution to make in their world?

It would be great if everyday was Children’s Day.  We would love for charity to be in all our hearts all year round.  As a Charity that works with children all year round, supporting them to achieve their potentials in academics, arts, crafts and sports, we know how it feels for everyday to be children’s day!  Everyday, they are the reason we keep going, as we put one block on top of another in building up their future.  On days like this (and Christmas :)), we may get more blocks from those who notice or remember our efforts, but we would be able to do so much more if more people would make a commitment to contribute bricks, water and/or their skills to help us construct a wonderful world for our children on a regular basis.

The future we dream of is possible.  Let’s think bigger and celebrate our children everyday!


Please consider lending a hand in support of our project by giving online at www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/18330 or making a local donation to Fair Life Africa Foundation at GTBank 0106643687.  Thank you so very much!