Celebrating Life… Remembering Mani…

“Let us together ponder of this thing called life, and see how we can make every life count!” – Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon.

Grace and Truth

Today, I am 34 year old, and I give God all the glory for my life!  By His grace, I am not only a year older, but a little wiser too.  I glorify Him for all that He has brought me through, and for all the ways He has blessed me in this life.

Ten years ago today, I lost someone very dear and close to me.  I lost my little brother, Ijamani, to gun violence.  One moment he was enjoying the gift of life, even as I was celebrating mine…  The next, his life was stolen from him and from his family and friends who loved him.  There was no moment to say goodbye, or to express to him how much we loved him, or how much we were going to miss him.

Two travesties happened the day he died.  One was that a group of wicked people plotted his murder…

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