Valentine Brunch Party 2017

We believe by now you would have stumbled on a short video clip of Ramon and another FLA Kid rocking it out on the dance floor with different moves which got everyone cheering on.  If you’ve not, please click HERE to watch!  Well, that was just a tip of the iceberg of what transpired at FLA’s Valentine Brunch which held at our Centre in Lekki.

On 18th February, in celebration of the Season of Love, we hosted a Brunch Party for the FLA Kids and threw the doors open for contestants of our Talent Search Competition held in partnership with Ultima Studios in December 2015.  We had five winners from the event and they currently enjoy vocational scholarship in their different fields.  Twenty-five other contestants who probably had thought we had forgotten them got a surprise visit from Ifeoma and Nishola inviting them to hang out with their peers, as well as other children, who are now part of the FLA Family.

It’s always a great time hosting the children at our Centre and typical of the last Valentine Brunch, the idea of our Party was centred on “eating, giving and sharing Love”.  Meal times, they say, are happy times and this time, the children were treated to a three-course meal of small chops, fried and jollof rice with smoked chicken, and apple pie with ice cream and cookies for dessert!  Everyone ate their fill and enjoyed soft drinks too.

Each child had the chance of reading out a poem written by them to their friends.  They also had time to catch up on times missed in a relaxed atmosphere while they listened to music.  As a Charity that thrives on the generous contributions of our friends and sponsors, we knew the season of Valentine would be a great opportunity to teach the children the act of selflessness, so we asked each of them to come with a gift without a hint of whether they would receive anything in return.  Thankfully a significant number of the kids brought a gift item which was given to their guests, the Talent Search contestants.

The high point of the event was presentation of prizes to deserving FLA Kids.  It’s our tradition to reward children who have been outstanding in their academics and this time we took it a bit further by rewarding the most improved child under the vocational category.  It was no surprise for everyone to know Ramon, one of the winners of the Talent Search Competition, under the Fine Arts category, had won for the vocational category as he has improved tremendously.  Learn more about Ramon, by reading our previous update.

In the end, the kids had fun as they also had time to dance their hearts out.  We are creating great memories for these kids and we are having fun doing it.  We hope you’d find time to be a part of our next event in April.   We’re planning on another trip to Lufasi Park, where we will be doing an Easter Egg Hunt!

Ramon revealed his latest Art work!

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