2020 Valentine’s Brunch with the FLA Kids

Written by Nishola Akinyera

The St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many ways worldwide, on the 14th February, as a day when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship.   It is a day to express love for everyone who is dear to us.  It is a day to thank people, whosoever they are, for being there in our lives and being there with us when we needed someone.

Fair Life Africa Foundation celebrates this special day every year with the FLA Kids, and this year, our kids took the time to appreciate friends and sponsors; the people who have kept faith in them, even when some seem to be losing theirs.  The ones who have been showing up for them all the time, through highs and lows, for the unconditional love they show.

We held a Valentine’s lunch at the Foodies Restaurant, Lekki, with 32 FLA Kids and 5 sponsors in attendance.  Ufuoma, a bright, young FLA Kid, said a warm opening prayer to open the event, after which everyone introduced themselves, and Ufuoma E-Ashogbon, the CEO of Fair Life Africa Foundation, did the opening speech.  Yetty, an FLA Kid who resides at an orphanage, was also able to attend this year’s event for the first time, and all the other Kids were really happy to meet her.  She was accompanied by two of her peers from the Home.

The Kids showed appreciation to their sponsors for what they have been doing for them, by presenting them little gifts they can cherish.  Also, they wrote thank you messages to express how they feel about their support and love, to make their sponsors feel happy in return.  Their sponsors also had words of encouragement for them.  Mr Akindele Phillips got to meet one of his sponsored children, Lekan, who he sponsors through Porter’s World Consult.  Yewande was surprised to receive a gift from her sponsored child, Ekene.

Joy, Mary, Emmanuella, Yetty, Lekan, Ekene, Marvellous and Chioma S. recited poems they wrote to their sponsors.  And Victor, an FLA Kid on musical / vocational sponsorship, sang a lovely ballad to entertain everyone.  Everyone had a very sumptuous lunch, with a choice of local and continental dishes.  Afterwards, they enjoyed cupcakes provided by The RK Café and another sponsor, who came bearing gifts.  The Kids took pictures with their child sponsors who were in attendance, and the sponsors took the time to speak with their sponsored children, one to one, and learn more about them.  It was perfect.

All in all, the valuable lesson learnt from The FLA Valentine’s lunch is that Valentine’s Day is all about showing and expressing your love.  We should all make it a point to spread love and also try the best we can to do something for the people around us, especially the little kids, who do not have anyone to take care of them.   We would like to appreciate all our sponsors, those who could attend and those who were with us in spirit, for their continual faith, love and support.  We can’t do this without you!  God bless you.

Special thanks to Tunde Oyesanya for the beautiful pictures he took of the event.  We shared more pictures on our website.  VIEW THEM HERE.

Edited by Ufuomaee

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