Assets and Irregulars

Last Update: 18/12/13

1. School Fees for 12 children (this is variable, but is approximately N1,000,000 annual total for current set).

2. *School Bus* or People Carrier Van (which will enable trips and outings, without multiple cars).

3. *Company Car* for marketing/fundraising purposes.  We have two already (one used by the CEO for administrative purposes, and another by the Home for emergency and social work trips).

4. One additional desktop computer for case management purposes.  A laptop would also be useful, but is not essential for now.

5. Three six-seater, foldaway dining table and chair sets (to seat up to 18 – 12 children and staff).

6. A sewing machine

7. In-house ladder

8. Unforeseen and variable expenses for supporting/empowering families after reconciliation (budgeted at N200,000 per child/year). Past assistance given includes renting accommodation, paying school fees, vocational training for children, and business support for parents.  Potential expenses include medical assistance, skills acquisition training for guardians/parents, legal fees and advocacy support etc