Education and Recreation

Last Update: 18/12/13

*Scratched off items have been recently purchased or donated

Learning Resources: Story books (fictional, Disney, Ladybird etc); Biographies; Non-fictional story books; easy-read books; children’s learning series; puzzle books; arts and crafts resources; e-learning support; atlas; animal series; how to series; inspirational books; religious texts and Holy Scriptures.

Academic Resources: Dictionaries (varied levels); encyclopaedia; thesaurus; SS1-SS3 textbooks; JSS1-JSS3 textbooks; Primary 1-6 textbooks; student guides and support materials; log book; past questions; study workbooks; exam preparation guides; personal diaries/organisers.

Educational Resources: Exercise books (60, 40, 20 leaves); 2A and 2B exercise books; drawing books; sketch aisles; colouring pencils; colouring pens; crayons; water colours; washable paints; paint brushes; pens/biros; pencils (HB, 2B etc), sharpeners; erasers; scissors; celutape; glue (different types), glitter glue; cardboard (plain and coloured); flipcharts; calculators; math sets; long rulers; note pads.

Recreational Resources: Board games, dice games; strategic games; multi-piece puzzles; computer games (preferably educational and skill building (e.g. driving, typing and spelling); activity books; group work books; footballs; volley balls, tennis balls and rackets; soft balls.