Food Provisions

Monthly Food Consumption Needs (4-5 weeks)

Last Update: 08/01/13

*There are enough of the scratched off items, which were donated over Christmas to last until March (or later, i.e. rice until May).  Please help with the other food provisions, thank you.

Non-Perishables: 50kg bag of rice; 50kg bag of beans; 25litres of groundnut oil; 5ltrs of palm oil; 15 cartons of noodles (Indomie, Honeywell etc); 3 cartons of tin tomatoes; cartons of tomato puree; half a bag of garri; 5 bags of semovita; 5 bags of amala; cartons of powdered milk; dozen boxes of sugar cubes; 32 packs of cornflakes; 32 packs of oatmeal.

Meats and Dairy: 8 cartons of chicken; 4 cartons of beef (cow meat); 4 cartons of titus fish; 1 carton of ice fish; 1 carton of dry fish; crayfish; 20 crates of 24 eggs; 2 dozen loaves of bread.

Fruits and Vegetables: 1 basket of fresh tomatoes; 1 basket of fresh pepper; 1 basket of onions; tatashe; dry pepper; bunches of plantain; 30 tubers of yam; bags of potatoes; spinach (vegetable); spring onions, carrots; peas; cabbage; sweetcorn; lettuce; cucumber; apples; oranges; pineapples; pawpaws; watermelon; bananas.

Spices and Essentials: 1 carton of curry and thyme; 1 carton of maggi/knorr cubes; 1 bag of salt; 1 carton of different spices; iru; melon; ogbonor; egusi; ewedu; mayonnaise; 1 bag of charcoal.

Drinks and Snacks: Packs of tea bags; hot chocolate (e.g. milo drink); biscuits/cookies; cup cakes/cakes (for MBPs); plantain/potato chips; crisps; sweets; chocolates (good rewards); 60 water cartridges; 2 dozen bottled water (for visitors); canned drinks; 1 crate of minerals (for MBPs); fruit juices (e.g. caprisonne, chivitta; ribena etc); bags of pure water.

Disposables: (for MBPs, outings and outreach) take away boxes, spoons, forks, knives, cups and serviettes.