Sanitation and Hygiene

Last Update: 08/01/13

General Cleaning: Industrial size (or two household size) waste bin; small and big bin liners; cleaning and scouring sponges; washing up liquid; detergents; disinfectants; bleach; multi-purpose cleaner; toilet cleaner; multi-purpose wipes; long brooms; long brushes; mop and mop buckets; water gallon; garden tools.

Personal Hygiene: Bathing soap; toothpaste; body cream; hair cream; Vaseline; powder; Dettol disinfectant; toilet roll; deodorants; hand sanitizers; ear buds; hair cutting set; brushes and combs.

Home Care: Extra bath towels, sheets and pillow cases, curtains, rug, hand towels, kitchen towels, sewing kit; fire blankets.

Medical Supplies: Plasters; bandages; cotton wool; spirit; paracetamol; penicillin, anti-malaria tablets; cold and flu drink mixtures; cough syrup; deep heat rub; thermometer; essential (over the counter) medicines; sick bed.