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Last year, Fair Life Africa Foundation registered for the GlobalGiving Open Challenge to become a member of GlobalGiving UK.  With the help of our friends, we were able to raise above the £2,000 minimum from over 50 donors in just one month!  Because of this achievement, Fair Life Africa has retained a spot on the GlobalGiving UK site, and has continued to raise donations from our friends all over the world.  Our project page can also be accessed via JustGiving.com, which is in partnership with GlobalGiving UK.

Now we are looking to establish our presence on the GlobalGiving.org site, which is the US platform for online donations.  We have already raised the minimum amount to qualify for entry ($5000), and will soon be featured on this site too.  Please support our work and presence on GlobalGiving UK by donating today and helping us to spread the word too!

A new site for online donations in Nigeria has arisen!  It is 234give.com, and will be launching soon!  Fair Life Africa was invited to register its project page on this site, and will be able to receive online donations from Nigeria via this platform too.  Please check back soon, and we will give you the link to our project page!

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