November Babies!!

We wish all November celebrants a Happy Birthday Month!!  So many friends connected to the organisation were born in this noble month.  In the Emerhor family alone (the founding family of Fair Life Africa), they celebrated three birthdays!!  Onajite Emerhor, Ufuoma’s sister, was born on the 18th, Chief (Mrs) Emerhor was born on the 24th and Olorogun O’tega Emerhor (Chairman of the Board) was born on the 25th!

Mr and Mrs Emerhor celebrated their birthdays, jointly, by inviting select friends and family out for a nice meal on the eve of the 24th.  It was a lovely and romantic occasion.  Fair Life Africa kids made two cards for the celebrant couple, with messages they wrote and drew themselves, with help from their support workers.  We all wish them and Onajite many more happy years, and continued prosperity!

Birthday girl and friends
Happy Birthday Kanyin!

Our featured celebrant this month is Kanyin Belo, who brought several of her friends along to the Home to mark it in style.  She has also been a blessing to us, by linking us with her organisation for sponsorship.  We appreciate this gesture of kindness, and wish there were more people like her, with genuine concern for the less privileged.  To you Kanyin, on your 26th…  Long life and prosperity, and an outstanding legacy is our prayer for you!  You are amazing!

We would also like to recognise Chioma Oparadike and Orhue Guobadia, who are faithful supporters, volunteering and giving financially to the cause too.  Tokunbo Ojekunle and Mary Bashua-Alimi,  two Radio Continental presenters, and friends of the organisation, also celebrated their birthdays this month.  Radio Continental was a proud sponsor of the Street Child Agenda, a radio programme by Fair Life Africa to promote awareness. Happy Birthday to Andrew Harrison and Joke Ogunsemowo, donor and friends of Fair Life Africa.

Happy Birthday also to our Facebook friends – Tolu Ogunseye, Atanda Yusuf, Paul Ajibola, Olawale Ibrahim, Cynthia Omo-Idahosa, Adeola Oladipupo, Olumese Oselumese, Lamide Adekoya, Uagbale Emmanuel, Jesuwa, Dayo Orimolade, James Fredrick, Moses Ibharemah, Martin Bassey, Lucky Igbomor, Joshua Alabi, Kehinde Adejugbe, Zezzy Godswill, Ayodeji Ogunyemi, Samuel Baimba and Caeser Antonio!

We wish you all joy, peace and love – the three things money cannot buy!  May your years be filled with gladness and your pockets with fatness.  Thank you for supporting our noble cause.