November’s MBP – Wish You Were Here!!

Written by Ayodele Akintimehin and Ufuoma Emerhor

Ayo and Tope organised the party, with an agenda for Fun Fun Fun!!  They incorporated a spelling bee to aid the children’s learning and also ‘sock mania’, which the children loved.

There was a buzz when the spelling bee started 🙂  Five of the boys won the first phase, four boys won the second phase, and two boys won the third to qualify to the final stage of the spelling bee competition.  There was to be just one winner – Peter!!  A bright SS3 student, he naturally took the prize.  However, the competition will be adapted in future to give the younger boys more opportunity to make it to the finale.

All the boys participated during sock mania.  The challenge was simple – how many socks can you put on one foot?  The game required lots of socks and two blindfolds.  Two kids at a time play against each other, while the others cheer them on.  They are blindfolded and timed to put on as many as they can in two minutes.  The boys were paired up, and the group with the highest score won the prize.  At the end of the day, group six won the first price with total score of 59 socks and group four won the second price with total score of 56 socks.

Sock mania!
Two groups of boys compete

After the games, the children enjoyed each others company and danced and danced.  They just love any opportunity to dance and show of their talents.  They like to form little dancing groups and do performances too.  They are looking forward to presenting their best moves next month, when we celebrate our Christmas Party on the 23rd of December.  We hope you will come and join us!!

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    awww wish I was there to see it, must have been mad fun!


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