Football, Fathers and Fair Life Africa

June 16th is set aside as a day to celebrate Fathers worldwide. Fatherhood is indeed a great responsibility and vocation, and Fathers are gems to treasure for the direction and support they provide.

As part of our efforts to celebrate Fathers and also model positive fatherhood for the boys, Friday June 12th was an opportunity to bring our boys together again.  Each boy had a chance to come along with a sibling or a friend. Adam couldn’t make the reunion because he’s in far away Ondo State.  It brought a nostalgic feeling of when we used to have twelve boys in the Home, only that this time, the boys were well behaved and organised as they had all matured, and the our two new adoptees into the Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative are also very disciplined.  Everyone knew what they wanted from the experience and didn’t hesitate to fulfil the task given for the day.

Ifeoma and Nishola, our Social Worker and Programme Facilitator, had gone out on field work leaving the boys in the care of Emeke and Joseph, our Admin and Intern.  It was a time to have a heart to heart talk on issues bothering them as teenagers.  “Who do you consider a Father?” “What values do you uphold and want to pass on?” were the starting questions for an insightful discourse leading to other issues bordering on finance, setting goals and plans for achieving them, self belief, and the need to work hard for success.  It was a time to come away from the distractions and learn from the big brothers.

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The next morning, Saturday 15th June, it was time for a football session with the Brook Brothers (of the Waterbrook Church) organised by Mr Toju Ashogbon, at the CIS Stadium, Lekki.  The boys had been excited about the prospect of playing as they came along with their boots.  The fun game which ended with a penalty shoot-out saw the boys winning against the Brook Brothers, a typical display of youthful strength.

After the game and a little chat with the Brook Brothers, the boys returned to the Home to freshen up and have lunch.  In excitement and despair at going, the boys exchanged pleasantries and dispersed to their various homes.

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We really appreciate all the young men who came out to play football and relate with our boys.  We believe the experience has created a lasting impression in their lives.   We hope that one day soon, they will be the ones extending love to younger children in need of mentors, as they learn that love is the most worthwhile and affordable gift to give!