There’s Something About FLA!

All good things, they say, must come to an end…  And so, last week Thursday, we received the FLA Kids at the FLA Home for the last time in August, as we closed off our FLA Summer School Programme!  It was an awesome four weeks while it lasted, and as usual, the children just did not want the fun to stop!

Fun? You might ask.  Fun, we emphasise, because the thing about FLA is that we just love to have fun!  We like to bring joy to our children in big and small ways, because we know that their lives are hard enough.  We partnered with Salt Society, Rhythm and Beat Dance Production, Spik Rait Saund Rait Initiative, Arise Records and Christianah Fate Foundation to organise a fun-filled Summer Programme, that would not only educate our children, but help them to enjoy their school break.

The last time they all got together was when we took them all out to Dreamworld Africana to celebrate Children’s Day in May.  So, coming together again, in a fun learning environment, was a real treat for them.  It was also our aim to get the FLA Kids together like one big happy family, and help them to learn from each other, and also develop their social skills, which are not limited to sharing, showing consideration, resolving conflict and many other values that the children gained and appreciated while visiting the Home.

They all partook in the classes, mainly Catering (by various teachers), Dance (by Anthonia Onugba and Ame Ekong), Sex Education (by various teachers), Digital Education (by Pamela Chukwuemeka), Etiquette (by Chinwe Ifeonye), Bead Making (by Funmi Omoniyi), Literacy (by Mr and Mrs Ufeli) and Mathematics (by Ufuoma E-Ashogbon).  Abe Soyemi, the Founder of Salt Society coordinated her friends to help teach the classes, and took the first session in the Catering Class with a lesson on How to Make Pancakes.  She also brought her friend, Kemi Ahmed-Onibudo, who came in to teach them How to Make Spaghetti Bolognese.  Olufemi Ibiyemi (of Gates Finishing School), also came courtesy of Salt Society, to teach two classes on Sex Education.

Each day started out with Bible Study sessions led by our gentlemen, Emeke and Joe, while the ladies, Ifeoma, Nishola and Gift, supported by our volunteers, Vera and Ijeoma, supervised the children’s activities and made sure their snacks and nutritious meals were available on time!  Ufuoma also helped out by taking the children on How to make Moin-moin, as well as taking the introductory class on Sex Education.  The Sex Education classes rounded off nicely by Serah Oyerinde, from Christianah Fate Foundation, who dealt with issues of child sexual abuse, and taught our children how to safeguard themselves and their friends and siblings.

If you asked the children what they enjoyed most, I think you would hear the resounding stumping of feet as they showed you!  Yep, you guessed it, the Dance Classes!  It was filled with so much energy, gave them some good exercise as they learnt three or more new dance routines in just eight sessions, and also gave them a unique opportunity to interact with and laugh at themselves!  Anthonia Onugba, who led the sessions as part of her initiative with Rhythm and Beat Dance Production, got t-shirts for all the children and invited them to a special party she’s hosting to round off the Summer Break!  They are all so excited at the opportunity to dance in competition with other dance groups that Anthonia has trained.  It’s all going down this Sunday, the 6th of September at Lekki Oxford Hotel, Agungi, Lagos.  If you want to come, join us at 2pm!

But that’s not all…  The Summer School Programme closed with a bang as Ejen Odu and Hepzibah from Arise Records visited the Home on the last day to spend some quality time with the children and inspire them with their gospel tunes!  It was like a mini concert for the children, who didn’t want it to end.  They were all on their feet dancing and singing along with the musicians, and were receptive of their positive message of confidence and faithfulness.  Before departing, the duo gave each child a copy of their CDs for keeps, before taking group shots with them!  CLICK HERE for more pictures of the FLA Summer School Programme.

20150827_160317 (800x450)

As the children left our office on that last day, we knew we’d miss them loads, even though we always visit and keep in touch.  That’s why we were so thrilled when Abe told us that she’d spoken to the Manager at Lufasi Park, and he was happy to let the children visit before they return to school!   We made it a beautiful day at the Park, and invited our good old friend and photographer, Ese Atiyota, to join us and take some monumental pictures together.  He came and did one more, he inspired us with a powerful message of how we can really change our lives…by understanding the power of our words!  It was all around a beautiful day, which rounded of a Summer of fun learning. CLICK HERE for more pictures from our day out!

Thanks to all our friends who joined us to make it possible!  Many thanks to Pamela Chukwuemeke, who donated the new gas stove for the Catering Classes, to Orerhime Iwuagwu who provided us with Noodles and eggs (a special delight for the kids) and for our amazing volunteers, Vera and Ijeoma, who also took the initiative in teaching a couple of classes!  God bless you all loads.


  1. This is great. Well done Ufuoma.
    We would want to do this with you the next time if this is ok with you.

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    1. Hi Ngozi! That’s what we love to hear 🙂 you would be most welcome!


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