Innovation and Value Creation in a Fast Paced World

Our latest GlobalGiving Report was written by Emeke Ndego, our versatile Administrator.  CLICK HERE to view the original report.

It takes sheer ingenuity to get anyone’s attention these days.  From the economy to technology, arts or sports, everything seems to be moving at an alarming speed and sometimes it feels like you’re running a hundred metres dash just to stay abreast of the latest trends.  It’s really a fast paced world.  A common thread in all of these changes is innovation and value creation.  It’s all about meeting real and perceived needs in a new and better way.

Over the years, Fair Life Africa Foundation has been championing empowerment of the disadvantaged in society through practical social initiatives.  Through our first initiative, Care Continuity Challenge, geared towards street children, we hosted Breakfast and talk for the children in Kuramo, as a means to know and relate with them.  We then ran two concurrent rehabilitation sessions with the aim of reconciling street children with their families, and putting them back on track to an impactful life.  Most of these children are back at home and engaging in meaningful activities (vocational or academic), and three, in particular, are currently preparing for entry into a tertiary institution!

Our new Disadvantage to Advantage (D2A) Initiative currently has 15 children enrolled, who enjoy full academic scholarship.  In December 2015, five more children who are talented or gifted will join the FLA Family after an intensive Talent Search Competition, as they will be sponsored to pursue their passions in arts, crafts, sports or other vocations.  We are very excited about this Christmas event, and are looking for more partners to make it a success.

Over the Summer School Break, we teamed up with Salt Society and four other socially conscious organisations to host a programme for the FLA Kids.  It was focused on training the children with life skills and incorporating a thirst for learning!  We also partnered with JET Recruitment Professionals, in September, for an employability seminar/job fair for job seekers.  This is yet another way that we add value to society, by “empowering people for a fairer life”, so that they too can make a positive impact, rather than be a strain on progress!

Collaboration has been our modus operandi from day one, and we’ve always been known to see an opportunity, where people see an obstruction.  A recent visit to a local school, run by one of our children’s parents, has sparked the new innovative FLA Schools Project, which we are currently developing.  The idea of the project is to enhance small schools within impoverished communities by renovating their grounds, investing educational resources, equipping their faculty, and creating a safer, more secure and child-friendly environment for learning.  This ties in with our Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative, as we will be able to send more children from within these communities to our FLA Schools, for free!

It’s been an interesting journey so far and as always, we are grateful to everyone who has contributed financially or otherwise to the progress of our work.  We are passionately driven to surpass our targets and break through on new areas of improving the quality of life of the human race.  Thank you for noticing and supporting our efforts!