Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies

By Emeke Ndego

“Empowering Teachers, building sustainable societies” is the World Teacher’s Day slogan for 2015.  Monday October 5th was a day set aside to honour Teachers for their contributions to the human race.  A teacher is one who must pass on the new generation all the valuable information of centuries without prejudice.  Like candles that consumes itself to light the way for others, our teachers set the tone for the right development in the life of every child.  Indeed, the role of teachers can never be over emphasised.

My fondest memories growing up as a child were days in school when I used to sit around in class with my mates reciting every letter of the alphabet under my very first Teacher’s direction.  Interestingly, I can’t even remember her name but I know my classmates and I used to call her “Mummy”. She calmed our fears and created a home environment away from home, knowing how hard the transition into school was for us.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude looking back today at the tremendous impact made by my all teachers (at various levels of study) and I am sure you share my sentiments.

Instilling the right attitude and values of hard work, discipline, determination, and selflessness in children is what we encourage and teach at Fair Life Africa Foundation.  Each of us has the ability and opportunity to be teachers to the younger generation, by seizing avenues for mentorship.  We share in the belief that the future of the disadvantaged children hold more promise than their past.  Teaching is a matter of the heart and it is gratifying to impact the lives of children at every opportunity.

A hundred years from now, it wouldn’t matter what kind of car we drove, the kind of houses we live in, how much we have in our bank accounts, but that the world is a better place because we made a difference for the next generation.  I don’t believe the rewards of teachers are in heaven as some people say.  Every great scientist, scholar, artisan, once had a teacher.  Few teachers get or seek any credit for the impressions and impact they make.  However, we can all do so much more to appreciate them, to encourage them and to empower them.  Celebrate a teacher you know today.  Teachers are our heroes!

Photo credit: http://www.dekhnews.com