Reach For The Sky!

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That’s our theme for this year’s Summer Programme with the FLA Kids.  We’re got another amazing week planned for the children, to impart them with wisdom, knowledge and understanding that will enable to them reach for the sky and achieve their potentials!

Last year’s theme was ‘Thinking Outside The Box’,  and we were worried (just a little bit) that we wouldn’t be able to top it!  Oh, but were we wrong?  We are so excited about having the children over with us for the Camp from August 14th to 20th.

On their first day, we’ll be making a trip to the National Museum and Nike Arts Gallery.  On Day Two, they will have an interactive talk and mentoring session with our Social Workers, focused on Personal Development and The Importance of Friendships.  We’ve also got a Games Night planned for that evening!

On Day Three, Toju Ashogbon will be partnering with us to give our children some much needed guidance and counsel, as he delivers the Career Talk!  As Managing Director of JET Recruitment Professionals, he knows a thing or two about getting and keeping jobs and finding your niche as an Entrepreneur.   Emeke will be on ground afterwards to take the children on Personal Finance and Accounting, and why that’s important for their success in life.

On Day Four, the children have a busy day, as they visit four Nigerian-bred institutions, run by men and women who didn’t start with much, but today, they have much to their names.  We are hopeful that the opportunity to meet these founders and learn about their work and establishments will motivate the children to reach for the sky and overcome every limitation to succeed.

On Day Five, we have another mentoring session on The Family and Society, to teach the children about the bedrock of society and also prepare their minds against oppressive agents in society.  They will also have a fun and interactive session on Health and Well Being, and learn how they can maintain good health and why that is essential to their well-rounded development .

On Day Six, the weekend starts with a trip to an Amusement Park in Lagos, where the children will have the time of their lives!  In the evening, it’s a relaxing night in front of the television, as we have Movie Night!

On Day Seven, the children get their final outing to the Beach, which they have been asking for since the last time they went…last year!  Why do they love the Beach so much?  Is it because of the sand, sun and cool water?  Or the food, snacks, games and just great time in each other’s company?  Beats me!

Well, that concludes our plans for this Summer Programme.  We wanted to spread it over two weeks, but we are planning on hosting 30+ children for seven days.  With the cost of outings and transportation and feeding thrice daily, we’ve budgeted N500,000 for the week.

But we can’t let them down…  They’ve been looking forward to this since last year’s programme!  We love having them around and doing fun stuff as one big family and taking lots of pictures too!  Plus, many of their peers get to travel during the Summer…  This is their getaway 🙂  And it is educational too.  Won’t you support us?

We always appreciate extra hands, so please contact us to volunteer your time.  Maybe you can help reduce our costs by catering for their breakfast each morning?  Or perhaps there is a training session you think you would like to take or add to what we have planned.  Please email

If you would like to sponsor one of our kids to be part of our Summer Programme this year, kindly donate N20,000 to our Guaranty Trust Bank account, 0106643687 – Fair Life Africa Foundation.  We also bank with United Bank Of Africa – 1019551822.  If you’re not local, you can give the equivalent or whatever you can via our GlobalGiving Page by CLICKING HERE.  Thanks so much!

And if you would actually love to sponsor one of our children’s education, you can do that instead, by making a regular donation of N20,000.  Many of our children are still without child sponsors 😦  Child Sponsorship allows us to pay for the children’s educational fees, resources, training and more, to empower them for a fairer life.  You can learn more by visiting our website at

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