Interview With Our First Valedictorian

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Our report today comes in a different format.  We thought it is about time you hear from the mouths of the children we support together, directly, so we are carrying out our first ever interview with an FLA Kid.  She also happens to be the first Valedictorian among our kids, who graduated as the Valedictorian of her set, leaving the position of Head Prefect behind!  She is sixteen year old Caroline, who hails from the Akwa-Ibom State of Nigeria.

1. How did you hear about Fair Life Africa

I heard about Fair Life through Mrs Oshinaike [School Propreitress] in Master Moulders School

2. Who applied for you? Did you apply yourself?

Mrs Oshinaike helped me apply to Fair Life Africa Foundation.

3. What was the challenge you were facing at the time?

Before FLA pick me, my mummy was having difficulties in paying my school fees.

4. How did you feel when you were told that you would be part of the programme?

When I was told I am going to be part of the programme I was so excited!

5. How did you feel when you were informed that you have a sponsor?

When I heard I have a sponsor I was so happy.  In fact, I didn’t know how to express my gratitude to Fair Life then.

6. What has been the difference since Fair Life Africa started sponsoring your education?

Since Fair Life Africa started sponsoring me I became more serious with my studies.

7. How has your work improved?

Fair Life has encouraged me to work hard in life.  They also help to improve my thinking.

8. You were the Head Prefect in school.  Did this have anything to do with the support Fair Life Africa gave you?

As the Head Prefect of my school, it wasn’t easy at all.  It was so stressful, but whenever I have a problem I will come to Fair Life and they never let me down.

9. How did it feel graduating as the Valedictorian?

It feels good to graduate as a Valedictorian.  I was extremely nervous when I was asked to give a valedictorian speech.  Even when I received an award I was amazed.

10. What are your hopes for the future?

My hope for the future is to become a Chartered Accountant and also I want run a non-governmental organisation for the poor and a public campaign program for child abuse.

11. What would you like to say to your sponsor, Shiv Lila Polymers Ltd?

I would to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to my sponsor, Shiv Lila, for sponsoring me.  Your sponsorship has helped me realise that dreams do come true and that I can be what I want to be in future.  It doesn’t matter the background.  May God continue to increase you!

12. What would you like to say to other Fair Life Africa sponsors and partners?

On behalf of my family I would like to say thank you to other FLA sponsors.  Your support is not something I can take lightly.  I pray that God would supply your need.

13. What would you like to say to those who are thinking of sponsoring a child?

I would like to say to those who are thinking of sponsoring a child to make it personal, make it specific, make it accessible, because sponsoring a child is not a complicated process, but people do not realise how easy it truly is.

14. What has been the best part of being one of the FLA Kids?

My best part of being an FLA Kid is that I have a good sponsor, who are willing to tell me the truth when I do the wrong thing.  They are able to impart good conduct in me.

15. In what way could Fair Life Africa do better for you and other children in need?

Fair Life Africa can do better for me by helping me to pursue my dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant and to other child in need, Fair Life should help in changing their lives.


I hope you appreciated that brief interview with Caroline.  We are so happy for her and the other FLA Kids who graduated this year from Senior Secondary School.  Caroline took photos with five of them, who were present at our Summer Programme happening all this week at our Centre in Lekki.  Her school and class mate, Christopher was absent today, due to his Post UME (University Matriculation Examinations) exams he is sitting presently.  Caroline will be sitting hers next week.

She also took lovely shots with her best friends as we celebrated her today!  God bless you for your support!


  1. Chioma says:

    Congrats Caroline and to the FLA Team. This is a testament of your hard work and dedication to the cause. May you all continue to grow in leaps and bounds. God’s blessings always

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    1. Ufuomaee says:

      Thanks Chioma 🙂 God bless you!


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