Seven Things I Loved About This Summer

Actually, there were seven special days of this summer that I love to remember.  It was the FLA Summer Camp 2017!!!  These annual camps usually present an opportunity for fun and learning.

Just so I clarify the learning part, it’s not the regular academic work, as the rigours of preparing and writing the third term examinations had just ended and I honestly believe another round of academic lectures would be uneventful.   Most times we, FLA kids, are oblivious of the outlined programmes until the first day but that in itself creates the perfect suspense anyone can ask for.

Day 1:

I arrived early at the Fair Life Africa Centre in Lekki to meet my friends, who are also sponsored by Fair Life Africa to complete their education.  I really looked forward to this as there’s always so much to share and talk about.  It was also nice to see Nishola, Ifeoma and Emeke, who were around to settle us in and provide us with our meals and snacks!

I jumped for joy when we were told we would be going to the National Museum, Onikan.  I’ve never been to the Museum though I know it’s a place where objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical importance are preserved.  My elder sister once told me of the artefacts in the museum during their school excursion and my dream of visiting the museum was just seconds away from reality.  Imagine if I had decided to skip the first day only to be told by other FLA Kids.

Our tour guide welcomed us with a warm cheer and educated us about the purpose for establishing a museum.  As expected, there was so much to learn and our pen and writing materials came in handy.  It was indeed a noteworthy experience but the height of it all was seeing the motor vehicle a former military head of state was assassinated in and the pictures of past and present leaders of Nigeria right from the colonial era.  I agree without a doubt that Nigeria has a rich cultural heritage and the visiting the museum only laid credence to that fact.

Day 2:

Ifeoma and Nishola were our mentors for the second day as the topics for discussion were Personal Development and Friendship.  For me, this was an offshoot from the previous lessons on Sex and Sexuality and Human Conflict and Resolution Classes during the 2015 and 2016 Summer Camps.  The focus this time around was the kind of relationship we should have with the opposite sex, making new friends; handling life’s pressures, what to share on social media, how to be a mentor and good example to others. Everyone had fun as there was also a chance to share our experiences while noting areas for growth. There was also a games night for children like me who stayed back in the Home to wrap up an eventful day.

Day 3:

Emeke took us on an insightful class on Personal Finance and Accounting.  It was a much needed lesson, especially since I am one of those who wants to be an Accountant when I grow up.  The truth is everyone loves to spend, which comes naturally given our insatiable human wants, as against saving for our future but with this class, I now understand the need to spend smartly through drafting a budget, the principles of saving and investing, and the need to give to those who are less privileged. We also had a brief on the lives of Warren Buffet, Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff, a history of how Ponzi schemes started and tips on how to avoid such schemes.

The day rounded up beautifully with a Career Talk given by Mr Toju. Everyone learnt how to write a CV, how to be presentable during interviews and general interview readiness skills.  We had a lively discussion as well, and I can see that the older kids among us really got much inspiration from it.

Day 4:

This was another spectacular day as we visited the Nike Arts Gallery in Lekki. Our tour guide was patient enough to give us details of the beautiful art work as well as the names of the artist. I was completely awed on several occasions from the beautiful paintings and the works done with resources people would ordinarily have disposed of.  My best work is the bead on canvass work done by Mrs Nike on the Bring Back our Girls theme.  I know I’m not gifted in this area but I believe someday our friend Ramon would get to this level and I would love to have his collections for keeps.

Before we left, we took some lovely photos, dressed in native attire and beads.  That was the best part 🙂

Day 5:

The day kicked off with Ms Abe, who is now a part of FLA family, mentoring us on the right kind of Family and the family being a support system in keeping society together. We also learnt the different roles of each member of the nuclear family and the need to speak up against abuse and domestic violence.  There was also a debate between the boys and girls on who would make a better president between the male and females.  I was a member of the opposing side and I was happy when we, the girls, won!

Our final session was a class on healthy living, eating right, exercise and fitness, and general well being taken by a fitness instructor from Imagneto Dance Group.  We also had a short dance session to round it up and I was able to learn a few moves.  As much as I loved the other classes, I think I loved this the best.  It was so much fun!

Day 6:

We went on an outing to Apapa Amusement Park.  I have never been, can you believe it?  They recently renovated the park, and my eldest sister told me how it used to be.   There were different games for everyone to ride while we also got our faces painted by Ramon, our friend and budding artist in the house.

Mr Ese was around to take pictures, and he brought his kids too.  It was nice hanging with them.  Mrs Ufuoma also joined us with her son, Jason.  I am really glad she came because we wanted ice-cream, and she agreed for us to all get ice-cream, and Mr Ese even contributed!  After our rides and meal, ice-cream really hit the spot!

In the evening, when we returned to the FLA Centre, all the family slept over, and we had a movie night.  We watched two movies; Boss Lady and Moana.  I was exhausted from going out, so I enjoyed the relaxing time in front of the TV with my friends.

Day 7:

This was the day I was looking forward to the most!  We all went to Elegushi beach to have fun under the sun and in the water.  There was music playing in some nearby hangouts, and we have plenty to eat and drink.  I had so much fun!  I enjoyed taking photos with my friends.

It was an awesome summer and I’m fully rested for another academic session which starts next week.  I’m grateful to Fair Life Africa Foundation for their support and the enlightenment programmes designed for us kids.  On behalf of the FLA Kids, and the FLA Team, I would like appreciate all our sponsors for their generous donations, from which our school fees get promptly paid.

I know I am growing up to become a responsible member of society and I would like to implore the support of individuals and corporate bodies to support Fair Life Africa so they can do more in supporting disadvantaged children like me.

This account was contrived using a fictional character, but real experiences and activities of our children during our recent Summer Programme.  Please give what you can towards our work by going to or making a donation to Fair Life Africa Foundation, GTBank 0106643687.  God bless you!

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