Blessed To Bless

Check out our latest GlobalGiving Report, Blessed To Bless 🙂  Do follow the link to check out the pictures and /or give a donation.  Thanks for your support that keeps us going.


For Children’s Day this year, our kids organised a fundraiser to raise funds to give back to those less fortunate in their communities.  We wrote about this in our last report.  In June, we used the funds raised to get 250 foodstamps via Give Food Stamps Initiative, which we distributed at Ajegunle, a poor community where a lot of our children reside, on Saturday, the 9th of June.  The recipients of the food stamps are able to redeem them for food via local food sellers registered with Give Food Stamps.

We decided to continue with the theme, Blessed to Bless, which was the vision behind our fundraiser, as the kids used their gifts and abilities to raise funds for others, for our Summer Programme this year.  The children are together again, learning and having fun and GIVING BACK too!  They are learning that as long as they are alive, they are in a position to be a blessing to others.  And being blessed by our support, they have more to offer to others, who may be less fortunate.

On Tuesday, 7th of August, we partnered with Africa Clean Up Initiative (ACI) to organise an environmental sanitation exercise with our kids, to clean up the Gbara community.  27 of our children came out to get involved in the exercise, and they were so passionate about it.  Before they left, being equipped with gloves, nose masks, bin liners and other tools, they were given a talk by the Project Director at ACI, about what they do and why.  They learnt about the little things they can do and keep in mind, to ensure that they contribute to making Nigeria a cleaner place to live.  Then they went out, led by the ACI Team and volunteers and cleaned up months of debris surrounding the Jakande community.

Yesterday, the kids were taken on a trip to the Cinema to watch Skyscraper, which they loved!  It was a contrast to the previous day’s hard labour!  Earlier in the day, they had received a talk by Mr Nathaniel from the Mental Health Foundation on Depression, seeing as it is an important issue that relates to the children too.  On Monday, Mrs Obioma, an FLA Volunteer, took them on a lesson about Giving Back, teaching them why it is important and the many ways they can make a positive contribution to their society.  Today, they are having more trainings, and tomorrow, they will be visiting a home for the elderly, to see that there are many needs in society, and also to lend a hand too!

The Summer Camp is running til the weekend, when we have a beach outing planned and more talks from our volunteers and mentors on various issues that concern our children.  We are so happy that we can engage the children in these activities, and help them see beyond their own circumstances, to be receptive to others’ needs.  It is indeed more blessed to give than to receive, and we don’t want our kids to miss out on it by thinking that they are too needy, and not seeing themselves as helpers of others.

Thanks for all your support that keeps us going in this work!  We are looking forward to reporting more on how the children are doing with their academics.  So far, so good!