This Christmas, Give The Gift Of Education

Last year, during our Girl Empowerment Programme, which we did with SAGE Foundation, we met 12 year-old Mary. She’s a brilliant girl, who hails from Oyo State. She lives with her mother and three siblings in Jakande, Lekki, in Lagos state and attends a small private school within her community. She is now is JSS2 and wants to be a Banker in future.

From our assessment, we found that Mary is an intelligent child and is amongst the top students in her class. She also enjoys race and engages in the sport often. Her father is late and her mother’s meagre income as a hairdresser is all that the family lives on. Mary was put on our waiting list, but up til now, we haven’t found a sponsor for her, who would support her academic goals and help her achieve her potential.

Favour is another child we met during the GET Programme. She’s a ten year old girl from Ebonyi State and lives with her parents and six siblings. They live in a room and parlour plank house which was constructed by her father. She attended a public school and was in Primary 5 at the time. She was also one of the top pupils in her class of 72 pupils.

From our assessment, we learnt that Favour and her siblings trek far to school with empty stomachs, and we noticed also that she used to keep her lunches from our trainings to take home to share with her family. Her parents are doing their best to take care of their children, with Favour’s dad working as a mason, and her mother looks after the home and the kids. Favour wants to be an Accountant when she grows up.

Mary and Favour are two of many children on our waiting list in need of sponsors. A few have been on the list since 2015. We are determined to put an end to their waiting this Christmas, and link at least 20 of these children with child sponsors during our Christmas Party in December. Child Sponsorship is only N20,000 a month and ensures that children like Mary and Favour can attend a decent school, have all their educational resources paid for, including extra lessons if needed, and complete their studies with confidence and hope to get a good paying job or even start their own businesses as entrepreneurs. The support we give is holistic towards excellence in their educational and social development.

We would like to invite you to attend our Christmas Party, set for Saturday the 22nd of December, to hold at the Piccadilly Hotel and Suites, Lekki from 12pm. It will be an opportunity for you to meet Mary, Favour and other children in need, as well as the fortunate children we have been able to sponsor through school with the help of our child sponsors and partners, the FLA Kids. They are the ones hosting the party, and would love to meet you too!

Dami will be leading the Decoration team, with help from Caroline and Ramon, our fine artist. Olaitan will be the DJ, with Nathaniel and Chioma as the MCs. Ibukun, the actress, will be coordinating the drama presentation with Sulaiman, Mariam and Ayomide. You get the gist… Some of them have presentations in dance and song to deliver too. The kids are really excited about organising this event for you all, and hope you will come and be entertained, blessed and reminded that your contributions, however little, make a really big difference in their lives.

We will be presenting 50 families with hampers on this occasion too. 30 families from the children enrolled in our programme and 20 from those on the waiting list, who will be invited with hope to gain sponsors to help them achieve their potentials too. One hamper costs N15,000. It includes all the essential things that these families need to have a wonderful celebration too, plus a whole chicken! To sponsor a child to attend our Christmas party is N5,000 more, that makes it N20,000 per child.

You can donate online via our Global Giving Project page at or via You can also make transfers locally to our Guaranty Trust Bank account, 0106643687 – Fair Life Africa Foundation.

We would love your support towards our party plans, but we would love your presence more!!! Please give what you can, and come ready to meet our children and learn more about them, and consider giving the gift of education to one of these beautiful ones on the waiting list! It is a gift they may never be able to repay, but will definitely want to pay forward to others in need, when they grow up. If you’d like to sponsor a child with us, but can’t make our Christmas Party, please email us at, and we will send you more information about the children in need of your support. Thanks so much!

Do join us to make it a Christmas to remember…

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    I have a feeling this Christmas will be amazing!!! Thanks to our friends and sponsors at Fair Life Africa who empower us to do more for these kids all year round. Please join us to make it a Christmas to remember.


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