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What is the value of a life?  Can you monetise it?  Often, it takes a catastrophe for us to realise the value of our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.  When your house is burning down, and all the things you spent your life working to accumulate disappear in the smoke, and you rush back in because someone you love is trapped in the flames, you realise that life is priceless, and no amount of money will ever replace it once it is gone.

We get approached by people facing desperate situations a lot, and it is hard for us to help everyone.  We have our programme in place, so that we know those who we can help, and faithfully support them to achieve a better life for themselves.  But it still hurts to say “no” to so many others, who may or may not qualify for our support, but really need help!

Regina would have been one such woman.  But she was in a privileged position because her daughter, Ngozi, is one of the children we have been supporting through our Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative.  We learnt from one of our regular visits to check on the family that Regina was ill and had been undergoing tests and receiving treatment for an ulcer in her left breast.  She needed more money to do some necessary tests, and we gave her that support, praying that the results would come out negative, and she would be clear of cancer.

However, it wasn’t the case, and she needed to do surgery urgently, so that the cancerous cells wouldn’t spread.  We were in over our heads and didn’t have the funds for it.  So, we reached out to another organisation we knew, but they said they couldn’t help.  Then God showed up for Regina!

A good samaritan, the man behind GSI Foundation, reached out to us to ask if we knew people in need of financial support with their education or health.  The timing was so wow, and we quickly told him about Regina.  After we sent the documents confirming her diagnosis and the hospital bill for her surgery, GSI Foundation decided to support Regina, through us, and settled her medical bills for the operation.

The surgery was carried out successfully, on Thursday, 4th October and we visited her regularly while at the hospital to know how she was doing.  Regina stayed at the hospital on the Doctor’s advice for 14 days, so she could recuperate well.  She was discharged on Tuesday, 16th October and is currently on appointment to see her Doctor at Lagos University Teaching Hospital every Tuesday for routine checks.

Ngozi and her mom are so happy that we were able to help her mom fight cancer, so that they can continue to thrive and Ngozi can complete her education and excel.  The smiles on their faces after hearing that the surgery was successful and the threat removed was PRICELESS.  We can’t bare to think how they would have coped if GSI Foundation hadn’t come along to assist.

We are so grateful to everyone who supports our work and gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  Your contribution, however small, is PRICELESS.  God bless you!

PS: We are organising a party for our Kids this Christmas, and posted details about it on our blog!  We’d really love for you to come and invite you to support, however you can.  Check out our latest blog post, THIS CHRISTMAS, GIVE THE GIFT OF EDUCATION.