An Interview With Ramon The Artist


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Ramon was one of the top five winners of our Talent Search Competition with Ultima Studios, which we did at Christmas, 2015.  We already did an FLA Rising Stars post on him, but we wanted to share an update, by way of an interview with him.  Ramon is now 19 years old, and a student at Lagos State Polytechnic, where he is studying his passion, Arts.  He still has no sponsor, but we’ve been able to carry him along through the programme, by God’s grace and your kind support too!  Thank you so much.

1. How did you hear about Fair Life Africa?

I heard of Fair Life Africa when I went for a drawing competition hosted by the organisation.  Then I heard they help the orphanage children, build them more on their talents and help the community to grow positively.

2. So, how did you find the competition?  Did you think you would win?

Yes, it was good.  It was a long time ago though, back in my secondary school days.  When I went for the competition then, I never believed I would be a winner.  I only prayed and God answered my prayers.  I enjoyed lots of benefits as the winner then…  Fair Life Africa sponsored me in my artistic life.

3.  What sort of support or training did you receive from Fair Life Africa?

They sponsored my visits to lots of art galleries in Lagos.  And that enhanced the level of my art experiences…  That also made me meet lots of professional artists, who trained me and taught me a lot of things, under the Universal Studios Of Art.  Fair Life Africa also provided for me some art materials during my training in Universal Studios Of Art.

4. Great!  What are you doing now?

I’m now an undergraduate of the Lagos State Polytechnic in the department of Arts and Industrial Design.

5. How are you finding/enjoying the course?  What have you learnt so far?

It’s been challenging lately, but with God, everything’s going well.  My drawing has improved and I now know more things that I didn’t know before.  I learnt about water washing in graphics, ankara design on paper, sculpting and more.  I’m also making and sell artworks while I’m studying.

6. How do you now feel about your future?

Well, with God, I believe my future is bright as an artist.

7. Who is or are your role models (artists and non-artists)?

My artist role models are Pablo Picaso and Leonardo Da-vinci.  Then as non-artist, I choose Adekunle Gold as my role model…  His songs inspire me a lot and I wish to sing like him…  He is also an artist actually but just that he’s into performing arts.

8. It’s Children’s Day on the 27th of May.  What would you like to say to the children of Nigeria with dreams like you?

To every child out there, I want to say NEVER SAY NEVER, don’t let a little challenge stop your dreams and keep shining.  Don’t stop the hustle and don’t stop being real.  Surely, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you shall make it with God by you.

We really believe in Ramon and we hope you will support his work by following him on Instagram @bogunberamon.  Thanks for your love and support.