COVID-19 Relief – Impacting Lives With SAGE Foundation


With the media awash with tales of new cases, recoveries, and in unfortunate circumstances, death, it’s been a severe battle, especially for medical professionals on the front lines, against the novel corona virus pandemic. Governments all over the world have enforced weeks and months, in heavily affected areas, of lock-down to curtail the spread of the virus, while palliative measures have been given to alleviate the added suffering caused by the lock-down.  Despite all this, it has been amazing to see the resilience and the creativity of humanity, as we have not only survived but are thriving through this scourge.

We were pleased when SAGE Foundation reached out to us on the opportunity to partner and assist those heavily impacted and at risk in our community.  Together with JaceSoft Digital Solutions, we organised a two-day programme to distribute essential supplies and food provisions to families in need at Jakande, Lekki, where we are based.  The relief team agreed on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June to invite 125 families to come and collect the provisions from our office.  Our social workers referred to the list of 100 families we assembled last year to benefit from our Secret Santa Christmas and contacted them to inform them of this initiative.  We also invited the families of the children enrolled in our Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative to make up the list of beneficiaries.

On the first day, as expected, residents defied the rains to assemble at our gate for their share of palliative goodies.  A canopy was rented to accommodate them more comfortably.  While waiting for the provisions to arrive, the residents received a plate of either fried, jollof or Chinese rice with chicken or beef and a soft drink.  When the truck finally arrived, the items were offloaded and spaced out and families were invited to pick a pack of food provisions and leave, so as to avoid over-crowding and the spread of any diseases.

Each family pack contained a 10kg bag of rice, two paint size rubber of beans, three litres of groundnut oil, 500g of Salt, a carton of noodles, ten sachets of tomato, 900g of Ariel detergent, and 500ml of Hypo Bleach.  89 families all expressed their gratitude, and some offered prayers as they collected their items.

The following day did not come as a surprise, as it appeared the families who were not invited surpassed those invited. People who had witnessed others carry out provisions from our office the previous day turned out early for a possible miracle.  We had to explain to the residents that we had run out but would consider then in future projects to come.  In the end, the remaining 36 families got their provisions.

We must appreciate our partners, Sage Foundation and Jace Soft Digital Solutions, for making this possible.  We pray that God would bless you abundantly and answer your many prayers.  Let’s ensure we stay safe by adhering to social distancing rules and upholding proper sanitary measures wherever we are.  May we all survive and thrive through these trying times.